Traveling the World in Search of Adventure

Many people like to travel, and the world is waiting. From scaling mountains in Tibet to diving on the Great Barrier Reef, there is something for everyone. No two places in the world are exactly alike, so people with itchy feet or wanderlust can always find something new. It all depends on individual taste.

Daredevil travelers will yearn for an “adventure of a lifetime” and, aside from scaling Mount Everest, there are several “bucket list” items that will challenge even the most daring of travelers to exceed their limits.

Rounding the Horn

Ever since Magellan first navigated around the southern tip of South America and Drake followed some 60 years later, the routes taken by both men have been the sailing equivalent of climbing Mount Everest. In fact, fewer people have been recognized by the International Association of Cape Horners than have climbed the famous Tibetan peak. Those who earn the coveted patch of the IACH must have completed the rounding without engine power and have traveled at least 3,000 nautical miles while passing through the latitude of 50 degrees south on either side of Cape Horn in order to qualify.

Swimming With the Sharks in Hawaii

As an educational adventure, dipping oneself into the brilliantly shimmering waters off the island of Oahu in the 50th state to come face to face with a 13-foot tiger shark comes close to topping the list. The crystal-clear water is more than 600 feet deep, and thrill seekers protected in secure cages will see the sharks and other sea creatures in almost high definition. The cages are constructed with super-strong, clear panels all the way around. Although the sharks can’t get in, the people inside will only be separated from them by a quarter inch.

Whitewater Rafting the Zambezi

For the ultimate “running the rapids” adventure, this African river offers everything a rafter could want. The scenery is jaw-dropping, and the flora and fauna are equally spectacular. On the river, the whitewater provides the toughest, most technically challenging thrills on the planet. Perhaps most awe-inspiring of all, Victoria Falls is part of the river. Rafters can take a break from their trip and enjoy and explore the two national parks that flank that World Heritage Site.

Riding the Sun City, South Africa Zipline

With a stabilizing fin clamped firmly between their knees, zipline riders can whiz along at speeds over 90 mph for more than a mile. The view of the vast, South African grasslands from nearly 1,000 feet in the air is as mesmerizing as it is thrilling. Riders will be able to spot all manner of wildlife or wave to their families and friends on the ground below as they scream by at highway speeds almost 100 stories in the air.

With these four possible adventures, the thrill-seeking world traveler can enjoy daring pursuits deep in the water and high in the sky.